Saturday, March 30, 2013

We have a team name and a winner!

Thank you all for the awesome name entries.  We actually had a really hard time selecting the name due to all the great suggestions.  We actually flipped a coin between the top two selections.  The winning name is wUNDer women. 

Some of the other name suggestions included UND Northern Lights, UNDerdogs, Sioux Far Ahead, Green and White, and UND Aerospace Flying Blizzard.  Thanks again for all the names and for participating.  We will contact the winner shortly to deliver your prize.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

And the Racing Airplane Is.....

We have finally selected and entered the required maintenance paperwork for the race aircraft. The winner is N561ND (which ironically is the picture that Amy posted a while back as one of the potential airplanes). We chose 561 because it had the least maintenance write ups, no major repairs and has the LED lighting system.

We are now preparing to fly our handicap flight sometime in late April. Before we can fly the handicap flight we must ensure that the aircraft will be in the same condition it will be raced in.  This means washed, waxed, and in compliance with any major maintenance and STCs.

The handicap flight is used to determine the average ground speed of our aircraft that we will race against. The goal of the race is to fly faster then our handicap speed while following the race rules and completing all legs within the designated time. The team that averages the highest percent over their handicap speed wins.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Meeting Our Mother Bird

I ( Amy) was blessed with the opportunity to go down to the Women in Aviation International conference this March in Nashville, Tennessee. I was walking around the booths the first day and notice a booth that was called " Air Race Classic". I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce myself and see what information that I could get out of the two ladies standing at the booth for hints for the race.

 As I was standing in line, I read the ladies name tags and  the lady closest to me was named JoAnne. It dawned on me that Katrina and I had a mother bird that was named JoAnne. After introducing myself, we realized that she was our mother bird. She was very excited to meet me as I was with her! I was able to sit down with her and find out more information on the leg procedures of the race as well as what paperwork we needed. She gave me ideas on how other teams prepare. I was telling her how we were receiving so much support within the UND community and we are so grateful for all the help that we have received and continue to receive. She suggested that we should find a "Ground Support Group" that we can delegate tasks to for help before and during the race. This helps get the UND community more involved in helping up win the race! I thought it was a great idea! If anybody is interested, students, staff, etc., we are willing to have you help us out and support us!

Overall, I had an amazing experience at the conference and being able to sit down with our Mother bird and get more information on what to do to prepare was an priceless opportunity! It has definitely made me excited for the race and opened my eyes to the experience that I am able to embrace!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

62 Cessna 172s Down to the Top 5!

WE HAVE STARTED OUT WITH 62 CESSNAS 172S AND WE ARE DOWN TO THE TOP 5! This picture could possibly be one of the planes we will be racing in! We have limited the list down to N530ND, N531ND, N560ND, N561ND, AND N562ND!

We are going to go through maintenance records and finding the most reliable plane out of these 5. This simply means the race is coming together faster! After we pick the aircraft, we have a lot of paperwork to fill out and submit to the race!

Anyone from the UND crowd have a vote on what one we should race in? Let Katrina or I know!

Team Name... We need your HELP!!

We are looking for a team name! We are asking anybody reading the blog to give us your best team name! The name of our team will possibly be posted on the side of the aircraft during the race so it needs to be appropriate! Some of the names other teams have come up with already are: Blue Birds of Happiness, Pretty Women, Snow Birds, Nor'easters, Racing Rosies.

There will be a prize for the winning name!! The deadline is March 22, 2013! Please email us at or find us on Facebook at Air Race Classic 2013 UND Team with your team name!

Quick Update on our Pre-Race Meetings

Two weeks ago, Katrina and I met with Dan from the maintenance department to go over preventative maintenance procedures and what we will need to take with us. We talked about picking out the best Cessna 172 from the 68 planes our fleet currently has.  

This past Friday, we met with Don Dubuque to talk about mountain flying. We were given books to read and will be meeting with him closer to the race to be tested on our mountain flying knowledge. During our meeting with Don, we pulled out skyvector and talked over the route and the main part of the mountainous terrain will be our first day of flying down to Logan, Utah!!