Sunday, March 24, 2013

And the Racing Airplane Is.....

We have finally selected and entered the required maintenance paperwork for the race aircraft. The winner is N561ND (which ironically is the picture that Amy posted a while back as one of the potential airplanes). We chose 561 because it had the least maintenance write ups, no major repairs and has the LED lighting system.

We are now preparing to fly our handicap flight sometime in late April. Before we can fly the handicap flight we must ensure that the aircraft will be in the same condition it will be raced in.  This means washed, waxed, and in compliance with any major maintenance and STCs.

The handicap flight is used to determine the average ground speed of our aircraft that we will race against. The goal of the race is to fly faster then our handicap speed while following the race rules and completing all legs within the designated time. The team that averages the highest percent over their handicap speed wins.

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