Friday, April 12, 2013


We have a lot to update you with! 

First off, this morning we ordered our race polo's! They are going to be a Kelly Green color with UND Aerospace University of North Dakota Air Race Classic on them. Its pretty much the same logo as on any of the UND Aerospace polo's. 

Second, our race route has changed!! They have taken out out the stops in Sarasota, WY and North Platte, NE and replaced them with Rawlings, WY and Holdrege, NE. Not sure why there was a change but we can live with it!

Thanks to Amanda Pearson, we are featured on the front page of the SAAC Skyward paper for this month! With her writing this article, it has surely helped us get our names out to the public and let everybody know what we are doing! Joe Vacek, pointed out this article out to Juan Pedraza, who is a writer/editor and National Media Relations Coordinator in the UND Division of University and Public Affairs, and Juan found it very interesting. We have set up a meeting on Monday April 15th to sit down for an interview. He says that he cant guarantee when or where this article will be used; however, he would like to put it in the next issue of Aerocom magazine in addition to releasing it to the local/ regional and aviation-related media. We are really excited to sit down with Juan and let him know what we are doing!!

We have sent in the maintenance records for N561ND to the race headquarters! The next step for the race besides all the little things is to complete the handicap race. Since the closest judge to perform the handicap race is in Southern MN, we were able to have one of our own staff members approved to act as the judge for this. Leslie Martin and Amy will go up during finals week and get the handicap ground speed that we will be competing against for the race. We want to thank Leslie so much for being able to step up and help us out!

We are trying to get a ground crew together to be our contact group and help contribute to our success when we are out racing! I have had several very interested individuals helping us out with ideas and how to make Katrina and I have a successful race! We have already heard that the summer 414 class will be active in helping us out but if we can get anymore interested individuals together we would appreciate it! Katrina and I are very busy people so if we can get anybody else interested and could give us an extra hand we would be more than happy for you to be as much a part of this race as we are!

That is all for now but we will give an update on how the interview goes on Monday!! And maybe a picture of the race polo's as well!!