Monday, May 27, 2013

Vote for the Air Race Classic

So we have a request for everyone supporting us in the Air Race Classic. The ARC is competing for the 2013 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Pilot's Choice Award. Please take the time to vote for the ARC and help support the collegiate and youth outreach programs that the Air Race Classic puts on every year. Use the link to vote. One vote per email address is allowed.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

16 Days, 19 Hours, 34 Minutes, 20 Seconds till departure!

As we are narrowing down days to our departure, we are staying busy.  We are setting up meetings with faculty members, airport personnel, and keeping in contact with our Mother bird.

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to Nick Bruhnke for helping us out by finding en route hotels. At this time, it was a load off our shoulders in the long list of things we are needing to get done before we leave! Thank you to the UND Flying Team for allowing us to borrow a set of tie downs for the race.

Since we had our last blog, we have performed our handicap race. Leslie Martin was our fill in judge as the closest judge was in southern Minnesota. We went up to a density altitude of 6,000 feet and flew cardinals heading for 5 minutes each leg. Sounds pretty easy to do for a pilot; however, if we were off more than 2 knots in airspeed, the handicap flight was invalid. We managed to pass the test!! We won't know what our handicap speed is until every team has completed their handicap.

The next step is to meet with maintenance to find a central point of contact for when we are gone and a preventative maintenance refresher course.  We are meeting with Dana Siewert this Tuesday to talk about the safety concerns he has. Sometime this week sitting down with Fred Remer to talk about weather concerns and trying to figure out the best route to fly with all different wind conditions. We are going to have our last meeting with Don Dubuque to discuss mountain flying conditions. The last meeting we need to do is sit down with Matt Jung as he is going to be our main point of contact when we are gone. We have to get final approval of all the forms we have created and make sure we have contact information for everyone before we leave.