Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Day in Logan, Utah

A fun day doesn't even start to begin our day! We started our day by hopping on the shuttle from the hotel to the airport. We must of had a new driver as we had to tell him how to get to the airport. We headed out of Casper at 715 mountain time, and departed for Logan, Utah. Katrina took off and then preceded to hand off the controls to Amy for the remainder of the flight. We flew around a few rain showers and hit some turbulence. 

It was a pretty quiet flight as we didn't say much to each other until the end of the flight. This was going to the leg of the race we were most concerned about as it was the mountains.  We lucked out as most of it was high desert until the final 30 miles until we found the mountains! That was the coolest part of the entire flight. We landed at a busy Logan airport and were greeted by the same red carpet treatment as we received from our friends back in Bismarck, North Dakota. Katrina's parents just flew into Logan from Arizona and greeted us on the ramp. About 10 minutes later, Matt Jung's sister and a good friend of Amy's (Anna) met us on the ramp. We were requested by her brother to take a picture of us three in front of the plane. It was great to see Anna!! 

Since Anna was familiar to the area she suggested a great Mexican resturant called Cafe Rio. Lunch was great and then we headed to Porcupine Reservoir . We spent the day in the water playing around, cliff jumping, paddle boarding, and splashing around in the tubes. We spent about 4 hours in the sun which was relaxing and totally different than Grand Forks. The scenory was gorgeous! 

After a few hours splashing around, we headed back into Logan for some dinner at a Hawaiian resturant. The food was delicious! We then said our goodbyes to Anna as she wished us luck on the race and headed home. We spent the rest of the night eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking hot chocolate. Our plan for tomorrow is depart Logan and head up to the start location of Pasco, Washington.

    Amy Concentrating

    Very Clear Lake

    WY/UT Border - Green River

    Ridges Next to Logan, UT

    Us with Anna (Requested Picture from Matt)

    Cliffs for Jumping

    Anna Demonstrating her Awesome Paddle Boarding Skills

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