Saturday, June 15, 2013

First Full Day in Pasco, WA

  We finally slept in however, sleeping in was on North Dakota's time zone instead of Washington's time zone. We ate a delicious breakfast at IHOP and were set for the day.

On our schedule of things to do, the first thing was help out at Girl Scouts Day. We helped teach aerodynamics, meteorology, and help build wooden planes with adjustable ailerons, rudder, and elevator. We got a booklet with all the teams in it with a blurb on everyone racing, so Katrina and I thought it would be neat to meet all the racers and have them sign the booklet. Out of the 100 racers, I think we managed to get 6 or 8 signatures. We have along way to go with that project!

We left the airport and headed back to the hotel. We warmed up our leftover dinner, took it to the pool and soaked up the sun for a few hours. I think we have lost our pasty white color that we left North Dakota with! 

We are off to meet up with our Mother Bird and then attend a hanger party at the airport. More details and picture to come on that either later tonight or tomorrow!


                                                             Breakfast at IHOP

                                                         Bergstrom's is the hosting FBO!

                                                     At this point all but 2 planes have arrived.

                                          Katrina teaching aerodynamics with a wooden airplane.

                                               The Girl Scouts playing in a mini airplane.

                                               Soaking up the sun in the 90 degree weather!

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