Friday, June 14, 2013

Photos from Day 3 - Logan, UT to Pasco,WA


                                                                Logan, Utah

                                                                   Airplane in Logan
                                                 Before the sun came over the mountains!

                                        Flying from Logan,Utah to Mountain Home, Idaho
                                                            Fog sitting on a mountain

                                                             Mountain Home, Idaho

                                                             Flying over Boise, Idaho Airport

   Boise, Idaho

                                                The Pacific Ocean is in the MFD!!!

    Katrina finally flying! Amy has 8 hours of flying and Katrina only has 5....

    Finally Logan, UT!

   At the FBO!

   We're in Washington!

    Air Race Magazine! We are in it! 

    The 3rd serving of cherries Amy ate while waiting for signatures from the UND maintenance department to get emailed to us!

                                         Our hotel has a welcome sign for the Air Race Classic!!

                                                         Our cool little red rental car!

                                                                It's sunny in Washington!

                                                               Walked down by the marina.

                                                     Great view of Pasco on our walk!!

Hope you enjoy all the pictures! We had another great day in our flying adventure! We are headed to bed soon and look forward to sleeping in, instead of starting our 5th morning of 5 am wake ups. Katrina is still at all the planning and making sure everything runs smoothly on our race, while I am finishing up the blog and heading to sleep as I have a nasty headache!  We have another busy day in Pasco tomorrow so until then everybody have a good night!!

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