Sunday, June 15, 2014

Air Race 2014 Adventures Day 3- Salt Lake City,UT -- Concord, CA

We started off our morning departing the Salt Lake City Class Bravo Airspace. Not to difficult especially with all the prior Class B airspace training we have received back at home.

 We met up with the race route and proceed to fly it backwards to get familiar with what the airports looked like. 

We landed in Elko, Nevada and refueled the airplane and met some racers in the FBO. 

After resumping the fuel, we watched a helicopter take off. 

We took off out of Elko and headed up to Klamath Falls, Oregon. But first we had to have our famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches In the plane!

This isn't a race route stop but it is a fuel stop so we decided to check out the airport and the higher elevation in that area.  We taxiied onto the ramp and saw a bunch of F15 and Jen got excited in the back seat and wanted to walk over to them. The guy at the FBO told us that the area where the F15's we're was a restricted area.  

After another refuel and meeting an Ameriflight Pilot, we departed Klamath Falls, OR and flew to Concord, California. We had a great view of Mount Shasta in Northern California! 

We arrived into Concord, California right before sunset and it was a beautiful sight! 

We unpacked and washed the plane before we headed inside to the hotel to check in. 

We sat down our luggage and walked a few blocks down to In and Out Burger for a quick dinner and then came back the room and fell a sleep.

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