Sunday, June 15, 2014

Air Race 2014 Adventures - Day 5 -- Concord, CA

Started off our morning at 6 am PDT with a briefing from our Meteorology Crew back home.   It really helped show us what to expect in the daily weather briefings they will be providing us throughout the race such as the order and how they decided to organize it. We think this will be very effective in getting us to the finish line. A big Thank You to the weather team finding the time to help us get a better picture of the weather along our route.

During the day we met up with fellow racers in San Francisco.
 We took a ride on the rocketboat on the bay which took us under the bay bridge and gave us an awesome view of the city.  
Then we walked on the beach by the Golden Gate before heading back.  

The Air Race folk had a nice BBQ set up at the Concord Jet Center on the airport.  We had a big paper airplane contest of who's flew the farthest.  No handicaps except our own design skills. We headed back to the hotel and spent the next few hours sharing stories and laughing with a few of the other teams.

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