Sunday, June 15, 2014

Air Race 2014 Adventures Day 7 - Concord, CA

An earlier start to the morning that resulted in meeting. We got a safety briefing and had speakers from Travis AFB come speak to us about their airspace that is near our race route. We took a group photo of all of this years racers. 

Afterwards, we sat down with Ted Bowen who is a retired Delta pilot who has his own website trying to promote aviation. He did an interview with us for about an hour that will be on his website. He had previously met some UND professors that he talked highly of. Check out his website :  Afterwards, we grabbed a quick lunch as Carly and Jen had to attend a mandatory First Time racer only meeting. We then pack up the room, did some extensive flight planning, and finally got a few last minutes of relaxation in before the next few busy days began. 

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