Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Down to the Wire

We woke up in Elko to freezing temperatures and a low fog.  Once it dispersed we were all scrambling to our planes.  The Elko Racers were on their way!  We had to avoid some weather into Pinedale.  There were snow showers out there! We could see that the mointains got snow overnight.  It was beautiful for pretty much the rest of the day, just some clouds.  In Norfolk, Nebraska they had a table set up with post cards from the local kids Aviation Art contest on how "Aviation Saves Lives."  One of the volunteers also shared the unfortunate news about one of the nearby towns that had a tornado run through.  It sounded like they could use a lot of help.  It also got me to thinking how fortunate we are as racers to have so many volunteers taking the time to help us out.  We come in there rushing through trying to get ahead of the next racer and they always have a smile and help us out.  Its been so nice and we really appreciate and want to thank all the volunteers out there giving their time.  

Saw a pink Salt Lake.

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