Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day!

We wanted to give a shout out to some Awesome Dads out there who supported us and inspired us to become who we are.

To Jen's Dad:

Thanks Dad for inspiring me and supporting me through all the crazy things I get myself into.  You Rock!  Couldn't of gotten this far without you.  Im looking forward to seeing ya at the finish line.  Love ya Lots and looking forward to bugging you before I head back north.

- Jen

To Amy's Dad:

My dad has always been an inspiration to me. He was the one who showed me the world of aviation and has shared his love and passion for it with me. Every since I was a little girl, family vacations would be flying over the Rocky Mountains to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Arizona and he would let me sit in the co-pilot seat. Even though I was not able to see over the dashboard, the joy and passion that arose with that experience only helped peruse my dream of where I am today.

Out of my dad's four daughters, I think he would conclude (and all my sisters would agree) that I was the closest thing my dad got to a son. Quality time in the Northwoods of Wisconsin deer hunting over Thanksgiving is our special time spent together. The fresh air, the outdoors, and crunching around in the woods could put a smile on both of our faces.  Not only hunting but fishing, boating, doing yard work, or walking the halls in Home Depot or Menard's was quality father daughter time.

EAA Oshkosh has turned into a yearly summer family trip. Some of my favorite memories are sitting on the flight line just my dad and I watching the Sean D. Tucker do his acrobatic stunts, or the Aeroshell team in formation flight. The excitement of aviation has only grown the drive and passion within me.

My hard work, dedication, and drive has definitely been developed from my dad. I wouldn't of become a Commercial pilot, or  Certified Flight Instructor without the strong foundation that my dad developed in me from the beginning of my flying days. The hours we spent flying over Lake Minocqua practicing steep turns or having landing practice only benefited my pilotage skills. No matter what my dad was up to, I could always count on him to answer his phone and answer the silliest questions that I have about flying.

I am such a lucky girl to have a dad like you! Love you Dad! See you at the finish line!!


To my best friend that I've never told...

Happy Father's Day Dad!

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