Sunday, June 28, 2015

And the winners are?!?!?!

Hey Folks!!

If're you're following our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, you'll have seen that we got some really great results from the 2015 Air Race Classic.

The results are in and the Frozen Force placed 2nd Place in the Collegiant Devision, and 2nd PLACE OVERALL!!! We're so stoked, humbled, honored and blessed to have done so well our 3rd year and sure look forward to next year!

Our team was also awarded 1st place on the last leg, and received a trophy to hold for the year to engrave the names of the racers on.  Jen, Carly, & Tina all received a Bose a20 headset, and a Abingdon Elise watch! :)  These ladies sure are going to look spiffy flying back to Grand Forks today and tomorrow!  Not to mention those gold and red medals!!

Please join me in congratulating the team and cheering them on as they head back to home sweet home in Grand Forks, North Dakota!!!

Just look at the cool swag we got!

Looking jubilant from that spectacular win!!!

And that, my friends, is the face of some very happy ladies!! 

If you're interested in donating to the cause so we can race again next year, follow this link to the UND Alumni website to give:

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