Wednesday, June 15, 2016

And They're Off!

The team departed Grand Forks today. At 'o dark thirty the girls did their preflight, packed up, and headed out. They got a warm send off from Erin, Beth, and the awesome maintenance guys here at UND. Big shout out for those guys, they are some of our biggest supporters, thank you for making sure Racer 8 (aka: Sioux 78) is race ready!
After leaving Grand Forks, they made a stop in Pierre, then headed to Sydney followed by a night in Peublo. Tomorrow they will continue their journey to the start of the race- Prescott, AZ.


It's like a puzzle only better!

If any maintenance men are reading this right now, you are the BEST thank you so so much!

The Frozen Force with the best coach EVER! 

See! Puzzle!

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