Friday, June 24, 2016

Update 6/24

We made it to Daytona!! The last few days have been crazy. This has been an amazing experience and we wouldn't trade it for the world. The results of the race come out Sunday, meanwhile we'll be on the beach!
We want to thank several people from UND who volunteered their time to the Air Race this year! These incredible people would wake up at the crack of dawn with us to review the weather and give us updates throughout the day. They are an amazing group with incredible skill and we were lucky that they helped us out. 
In order from left to right are:
Andrea Neumann, PhD Graduate Student & Research Assistant
Brooke Hagenhoff, MS Graduate Student & Research Assistant
Brianna Kump, MS Graduate Student & Research Assistant
Tyrus Skaer, MS Graduate Student & Research Assistant
Fred Remer, Associate Professor & Forecast Team Leader
Not pictured: Joel Siegel, International Flight Coordinator, and Meteorologist at Rockwell Collins

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